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Onion Bhajia (4pcs) (GF)

Chopped onions dipped in a chickpea batter, crisp fried & served with mint sauce.
$ 9.50

Spring Rolls (4pcs)

Vermicelli, carrots, bamboo shoots wrapped then deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce.
$ 9.50

Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)

Mashed potatoes, peas, nuts & spice filled in a pyramid shaped pastry & crisp-fried served with mint sauce.
$ 9.50

Chicken MoMo (8 pcs)

Chicken mince with spring onions, ginger, garlic and hint of spices steam cooked in a dumpling wrap.
$ 13.90

Dahi Papdi Chaat (Mild)

Crisp flour discs dressed with chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt and tamarind sauce.
$ 11.90

Seekh Kebab (4pcs) (GF)

Lamb mince pre-marinated with exotic herbs & spices cooked on a skewer.
$ 14.90

Barrah Kebab (3pcs) (GF)

Succulent baby lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt, ginger & garlic with selected spices and broiled in tandoor.
$ 16.90

Chicken Tikka (4pcs) (GF)

Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt, tandoori spices & grilled in the tandoor.
$ 15.90

Lankan Lamb Roll (3pcs)

(Mild-Med) A popular Sri Lankan roll stuffed with lamb and potatoes, served with sweet chili sauce.
$ 13.90

Tandoori Jumbo Prawns (4pcs) (GF)

(Mild) Semi-shelled jumbo prawns marinated in tandoori sauce and cooked in a clay oven, served with mint sauce.
$ 25.90

Chef's Platter (For 2)

Selected two pieces each of chicken tikka, barrah kebab, seekh kebab & spring rolls.
$ 28.90

Maharaja’s Platter (For 2)

Selected two pieces each of chicken tikka, barrah kebab, lankan lamb rolls & Tandoori jumbo prawns.
$ 35.90

Seafood (Samunder Ki Baatein)

Fish Tikka Masala (GF)

(Mild-Med) Fish fillet cooked with fresh tomatoes, capsicum, ginger, onions and finished with fresh coriander.
$ 23.90

Panjim Fish Curry (GF)

(Mild-Med) From the city of Panjim on the Konkan coast comes this beautiful recipe which only taste can describe best.
$ 23.90

Prawn Malabar with Okra (GF)

(Mild-Med) Delicious succulent shelled prawns, simmered along with okra in coconut milk and delicate spices.
$ 23.90

Mango Prawns (GF)

(Mild) Prawn cooked in a delicious mango sauce and mild creamy gravy.
$ 23.90

Classic Curries

Korma Beef/Lamb/Chicken (GF)

(Mild) A mild preparation of ground roasted cashew nuts, with hint of spices and fresh cream.
$ 18.90

Vindaloo Beef/Lamb/Chicken (GF)

(Hot) A speciality dish from Goa, boneless meat matured in red wine and finished in a very hot sauce.
$ 18.90

Madras Beef/Lamb/Chicken (GF)

(Semi-Hot) Special dish from Madras cooked with roasted mustard seeds, coconut milk and fresh coriander.
$ 18.90

Lamb Rogan Josh (GF)

(Mild-Med) A popular preparation of lamb curry from North India with rich gravy, fresh tomatoes and finished with coriander.
$ 18.90

Sagwala Beef/lamb/Chicken (GF)

(Mild-Med) Punjabi’s favourite dish made with puree of spinach, spices and cream.
$ 18.90

Bombay Beef (GF)

(Mild-Med) A house special – medium beef curry cooked with a hint of fenugreek leaves and cream.
$ 18.90

Almond Pumpkin Lamb (GF)

(Mild) Tender lamb cubes cooked with pumpkin and almond based sauce.
$ 19.90

Goat Curry (GF)

(Mild-Med) Tender goat on the bone cooked with North Indian recipe.
$ 19.90

Dhansak Beef/Lamb/Chicken (GF)

(Mild-Med) An all time favourite at Indian kitchen. Your choice of the above meat cooked with lentils simmered along with coconut and spices. (A popular Parsi Dish).
$ 18.90

Kadai Gosht (GF)

(Med) This is a Mughal Dish, where lamb is cooked to perfection in aromatic and flavoursome spicy gravy.
$ 18.90

Chicken (Murgh Masallam)

Butter Chicken (GF)

(Mild) Boneless tender pieces of chicken cooked in tandoor then finished in rich creamy tomato based sauce.
$ 19.90

Pistachio Chicken (GF)

(Mild) Chicken fillet cooked in a delicious sauce made from pureed pistachio, herbs and hint of aromatic spices.
$ 19.90

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)

(Mild -Med) Boneless chicken pieces cooked with diced capsicum, tomatoes, onions and tangy curry sauce.
$ 18.90

Murgh Chole (GF)

(Mild-Med) A tasty combination of chicken and chickpeas, cooked together in an onion-based gravy along with tomato, fresh herbs and spices.
$ 18.90

Mango Chicken (GF)

(Mild) Boneless tender pieces of chicken prepared in a very mild creamy gravy with a touch of mango.
$ 18.90

Chicken Jalfrezi (GF)

(Mild-Med) Boneless chicken pieces cooked with diced capsicum, tomatoes, onions and tangy curry sauce.
$ 18.90

Tandoori Chicken (GF)

Chicken on the bone marinated in traditional yoghurt and spices then grilled in tandoor.
$ 11.90 - $18.90

Vegetarian (Shakahari)

Butter Paneer (GF)

(Mild) Cottage cheese cooked in a rich tomato based cashew nut sauce, finished with cream. Popular with vegetarians in India.
$ 16.90

Baingan Patiala (GF)

(Mild-Med) A delicacy of Patiala (city in Punjab) - Potatoes and eggplant cooked with selected herbs and spices in onion sauce.
$ 16.90

Vegetable Korma (GF)

(Mild) Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in cashew nut gravy and creamy mild sauce garnished with cashew nuts.
$ 16.90

Aloo Gobi (GF)

(Mild-Med) Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with cumin in semi-dry sauce and garnished with tomato cubes.
$ 16.90

Palak Paneer (GF)

(Mild-Med) Cottage cheese cooked in a puree of English spinach and finished with spices and fresh cream.
$ 16.90

Aloo Mattar and Tamatar (GF)

(Mild-Med) Potatoes and peas cooked in a delicious curry sauce and finished with fresh tomatoes and coriander.
$ 16.90

Malai Kofta (GF)

(Mild) Vegetable dumplings made from potatoes and cottage cheese finished in korma sauce.
$ 16.90

Daal (Yellow Split Peas) (GF)

(Mild) The North Indian delight - Yellow lentils tempered with onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.
$ 13.90

Bhindi Masala (GF)

(Mild-Med) Garden fresh Okra cooked with sautéed onions, tomatoes and fresh ginger.
$ 16.90

Mango Paneer (GF)

(Mild) Cottage cheese cooked in a delicious mango sauce and mild, creamy gravy.
$ 16.90

Aloo Chole (GF)

(Mild-Med) Chickpeas with potatoes cooked in traditional North Indian style along with garlic, ginger, onion gravy and spices.
$ 16.90

Daal Makhni (GF)

(Mild-Med) Black lentils and kidney beans simmered on a slow fire overnight, tempered with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes & touch of cream.
$ 16.90

Bombay Potatoes (GF)

(Mild-Med) Potatoes that are cubed, boiled and flavoured with various spices, cumin, garlic, turmeric, mustard seeds and a touch of onion gravy.
$ 16.90

Side Dishes


$ 3.50

Sweet Mango Chutney

$ 3.50

Banana Coconut

$ 3.50

Cucumber Yoghurt

$ 3.50

Lime Pickle

$ 3.50

Chilli Pickle

$ 3.50

Tomato, Onion and Coriander

$ 3.50

Mango Pickle

$ 3.50

Side Dish Platter

Any 4 Side Dishes
$ 9.00

Tandoori Breads


Flattened bread made with wholemeal flour.
$ 3.50


Plain flour bread.
$ 3.50

Garlic Naan

Plain flour bread with a touch of garlic & freshly chopped coriander.
$ 4.00

Raisin and Cinnamon Naan

Plain flour bread cooked with raisins & sprinkled lightly with cinnamon sugar.
$ 5.00

Butter Naan

Plain flour bread, flaky texture with a touch of butter.
$ 4.50

Cheese Naan

Plain flour bread stuffed with tasty cheese.
$ 4.50

Vegetable Paratha

Plain flour bread stuffed with vegetables and spices.
$ 5.50

Peshawari Naan

Plain flour bread stuffed with vegetables and spices.
$ 5.50

Keema Naan

Plain flour bread stuffed with minced lamb.
$ 5.50

Cheese n Spinach Naan

Plain flour bread stuffed with cheese n spinach.
$ 5.50

Garlic n Cheese Naan

Plain flour bread with garlic stuffed with tasty cheese.
$ 5.50


Basmati Saffron Rice

$ 3.50

Kashmiri Pulao

Aromatic Rice cooked with dry fruit and nuts.
$ 9.50

Vegetable Biryani

Rice cooked with vegetables and variety of spices.
$ 14.90

Lamb Biryani

Lamb cooked in rice with aromatic spices.
$ 16.90

Chicken Biryani

Chicken cooked in rice with aromatic spices.
$ 16.90


Gulab Jamun

Golden Brown Cottage cheese dumplings in sugar syrup.
$ 7.90

Mango Kulfi

Homemade Mango ice cream.
$ 7.90

Pistachio Kulfi

Homemade Pistachio ice cream
$ 7.90


Fresh Lemon Drink

Very refreshing home made drink using fresh lemon.
$ 5.00

Sweet Lassi

Cool and creamy drink made from churned yoghurt.
$ 4.50

Lemon and Mint

Fresh Lemon Juice blended with Fresh Mint and Ice
$ 7.00

Soft Drink

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Lemon Squash
$ 4.00

Orange/Apple Juice

$ 4.50

Lemon, Lime & Bitters

$ 5.50

Mango Lassi

Cool and creamy drink made from churned yoghurt and Mango.
$ 5.50

Santa Vittoria Sparkling Water

$ 7.00
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